Geoffrey Bodine's Waxing Frenzy

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    Item #: 05-880

    Brand: Geoffrey Bodine's Waxing Frenzy

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    Item #05-880
    Dimensions (L/W/H)6x5x12
    Weight1 lbs
    BrandGeoffrey Bodine's Waxing Frenzy

                                                                      Waxing Frenzy!

                                      The Most Advanced Wax in America Today!

    Contains #1 grade Brazilian ivory carnauba wax (the most refined carnauba in the world), silicon, and polymers not found in any other wax in the United States. The silicon bonds itself to your surface, prolonging protection. It's easy to apply and even easier to remove. Once it hazes, simply wipe it off as if you are dusting. Goes farther than most waxes. In fact, the less you use, the better. Removes light to medium oxidation. Helps to keep colors bright and whites white. Waxing Frenzy is a breakthrough in car care. It is a true cleaning wax. The chemical makeup allows it to lift dirt from the surface and dry with the wax that is wiped off. We have incorporated the needs of the vehicle owner with the latest in American & European technology to achieve the following results:

    Easy on; easy off. You can wax an entire  car before wiping off. Wipes off as if you're dusting a polished table. Can be applied in direct sunlight without the risk of streaking or swirling. Apply to surfaces up to 120 degrees. Can be used on fiberglass, painted surfaces, plexiglas, isinglass (clear plastic windows), glass, and metal (aluminum, chrome, brass, and stainless steel). For best results, apply sparingly. A little goes a long way (generally 2-3 times farther than other waxes). When used on race boats recently, teams noticed that there was no salt evident when boats came out of the water. Waxing Frenzy! can be used in place of Rain-X on Lexan windshields and canopies. Water "flies" right off, leaving a cleaner, clearer view for driver. This also reduces drag caused by most windshield waxes. Protects surfaces up to 1210 degrees. This is excellent for exhausts.  Graphics and colors will often be deeper and richer than when new. Scientifically formulated for no-wax buildup. Actually detects previous wax applications, removes and replaces with itself. NO DRAG! By preventing water from sticking, Waxing Frenzy creates a smooth, slick surface which in turn increases speed.


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